I'll never forget going to the movies as a child and staring in amazement at the screen. It was magical, and it still is. My father and I went so much one time the projectionist gave me a roll of film and said, "Maybe you'll use this one day."


I lived in an old apartment building above the Lincoln Theatre in Marion, VA. I remember digging through the film reels and hoping that some day I'd get to make movies.


I've always been fascinated with film, and I'm so excited to be able to make videos all the time and share them with my customers.

My name is Donnie Bales and I am a native of Smyth County Virginia, and a graduate of Theatre Arts at Bluefield College. During my time at Bluefield I began to teach myself filming and editing techniques while shooting some commercials for the school. I then went on to work at Stagedoor Manor in New York where I was the Movie Making teacher and Sound Designer. After many different video/theatre jobs, and many roads traveled I was living in Cripple Creek Colorado where I met my wife and partner Ali. We packed up, moved to Wytheville, VA. where Bear Creek Studios is located now.


I know that if you work with Bear Creek Studios, you won't regret it. I take great pride in my work and nothing gives me more joy than knowing that I'm creating something that my customers will watch and enjoy for the rest of their lives!